Scholar’s Choice Partnership

Scholar’s Choice Partnership


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I am SOOOOOO excited to officially announce my partnership with @scholarschoice! ⁣ ⁣ I will basically be doing what I’ve been doing over the past ten years working in the field of education and purchasing for our programs from Scholars Choice, sharing all the products that I loveeeeeee and let you all know why! ⁣ ⁣ I will be writing a blog post in the very near future which will include a corky video from the lovely Emily Webster and I …. see a screen grab above! (she’s my people!) and also include links to videos made by the CEOs of Scholars Choice explaining their mission statement and why they do what they do and how they do it! ⁣ ⁣ I’m now experiencing raising a child from the parental point of view and can relate to how on top of the everyday million stresses of parenthood if you aren’t educated in how to give opportunities for your child to grow and learn it can be VERY overwhelming and you might just not know where to start! That’s why this company is who you should be spending your hard earned money on! They do that leg work for you, and you can confidently go into the stores and ask a employee all about the products and how they will help assist in your child’s development! ⁣ ⁣ I’m always an open book regarding everything Early Childhood Education and I love helping you as a parent feel confident that you are giving your child every opportunity to grow and learn ❤️ Let’s work together to help provide opportunities for our children to achieve their hopes and dreams! ❤️

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If you’re reading and following what I’m sharing, I hope that by now you have been able to get a pretty good sense of who I am as well as how and why I’m using this platform to connect with you.
I pride myself on being unfiltered, raw, and honest about all that I share with you, and that 100% includes the companies I have chosen to partner with and what products I share and recommend to you.
I have some moral criteria which not only fits what I believe, but was amazing advice from a fellow mom blogger on how and who to work with as a blogger.
1. It has to be a company that I would purchase from with my own money
2. The product has to be something that I’m curious about testing and again would purchase with my own money
3. I have already purchased said product with my own money and I feel passionate about it potentially being of value to your life as well
4. A company and its media marketers have to have the same morals and values as myself and my audience
Scholars Choice checks off all those boxes.
I’ve been working as an educator at the Glebe Parents Daycare for a little over ten years now and Scholars Choice is one of the companies we purchase all of our supplies, toys and educational tools from. Almost all of the products that I intergrate into my programs have been purchased from Scholar’s Choice and are carried by them.
I was gifted some products from my co-workers for Amadeo and when I started posting Amadeo playing with them and how I was implementing them with him at home as parent, I was being bombarded (in only the best of ways through my blog) with questions on where they could be purchased. When I would say Scholar’s Choice almost all of the parents did not even realize you were able to shop there if they were not a teacher or educator. After a while of receiving the same feedback I knew that there was a need for me, as an educator, and being newly apart of this parental club, to connect parents with amazing product, at great price points, from a company whose main interest is having a child reach their true potential through play.
Emily Webster, Scholars Choice Social Media Manager reached out to me after I sent a message expressing interest in being a part of the Ottawa, Barrhaven store’s grand opening. After a couple days of back and forth, a video meeting was scheduled with the marketing director. During the meeting, myself and the team from Scholar’s Choice were able to get a real sense of our intentions behind what exactly it is that drives us to do what we do for children and learning.
I went from being an educator who had been purchasing from Scholar’s Choice as my job and always being extremely satisfied with the products and services, to a parent/mom blogger who was learning about what truly drives this amazing company and employees to bring to parents, teachers and educators the quality in products that they carry in their stores and online for purchase, as well as the intentions behind that.
A lot of what I post from Scholar’s Choice I have purchased on my own and some has now been gifted in this partnership for me to test be able to show you how it can easily be implemented into your family’s routine to help assist in discovery based learning, working on social emotional skills and emotional regulation, gross and fine motor skills, language and vocabulary skills, and so much more.
Click below to watch the video Emily Webster and I filmed while visiting the Ottawa, Barrhaven location. It is definitely not perfect, I have some learning to do on centering both people in the video….


I have had a lot of parents reach out and express that they have recently visited a Scholar’s Choice location to purchase products to help support their child in some way or form. There are so many amazing products for parents to choose from sometimes they feel overwhelmed! I have physically gone into the stores with some of these moms to help them or recommended products online as well. If you are feeling overwhelmed and want to know more about the products in the store please feel more then welcome to reach out to me for questions and help. All things Early Childhood Education and helping a child reach their full potential is honestly my passion and helps me fulfill this need to do so while at home with my son on maternity leave.

I HIGHLY recommend now taking time to view this video of Scholar’s Choice’s mission and vision with the Chief Financial Officer and President, Cindy and Scott Webster. I can’t seem to get through this whole video without tears of joy and thankfulness for these two and the value they are adding to parents, teachers, educators and most importantly children’s lives.

Just to end this post with, I hope you will visit a Scholar’s Choice store, and/or browse their website before purchasing from a big box toy store. Shop from this amazing Canadian, family owned and operated business, who does the leg work of finding the best products and toys for your children and families.
Vanessa Ravalico

My Little Lamb

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