Upcoming Classes and Workshops

This past year I have been so humbled and flattered that you, as a parent, trust me in helping add value to your child/ children’s life through my Parent & Child Classes and Workshops.

I have a great line up of workshops available for you as the parent to attend as well as parent and child classes in the next coming months.

Sunday’s At Wild Child Coffee Project ( Parent and Child Classes)

Loose Parts Play with My Little Lmab


In the space an educator with 11 years of environmental experience in a licensed daycare center, will set up different open-ended play invitations for your child to explore with that will cater to their interests, creativity, imagination and senses.

While your child is exploring the educator will be focused on relaying the information of all the developmental benefits of Loose Parts Play and open-ended toys.

During the time of play the educator will be accessible for further questions about your specific child, environment and lifestyle in regards to how this type of play can fit into your daily routines.

This class is recommended for children ages 6 months- 4 years old



The Next Date to attend is below, Click the link for ticket and event details!


Stories, Singing and Dancing with My Little Lamb


This class is an opportunity to move and groove with your little ones with an Educator and learn through role modeling how to incorporate different techniques to read, sing and dance with your children at all different ages and stages of development.

There will be instruments for your children to explore and colourful sensory scarves to use while the class is in session.

• As supplies last you will have the opportunity to purchase new shakers and sensory scarves for $3.00 a piece, payment will be received by Email Money Transfer or exact change only.

This class is recommended for children ages 6 months- 4 years old


The Next Date to attend is below, Click the link for ticket and event details!





fab baby gear event poster


My Little Lamb and Fab Baby Gear are teaming up to share the importance of in person connection between mothers who are on maternity leave or their professional title is a stay at home mom.

My intention is to continue getting to know all you amazing moms on a personal level and build our relationships in order to better understand and support each others needs past social media.

While on maternity leave I have defiantly discovered that connecting face to face is so important for feeling that sense of community and support and as beautiful and rewarding as motherhood can be, it can also be confusing and isolating at times and one of one of my missions with my platform is to bridge that gap as often as possible through in person connections.

Motherhood is rewarding when you experience support, solidarity and sense of community!

Click the link for more info of the day and reserve a spot to help us plan for the numbers!







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