12 Scova Cres: Before & After

12 Scova Cres: Before & After

For those of you who have been following My Little Lamb from the beginning you will remember the huge undertaking my husband and I took to transform our current home.

When we get a vision and idea in our head, watch out world because its happening! When our Real Estate Agent, Christopher Avalos, sent us the listing for 12 Scova Cres we immediately saw SO much potential and the renovation ideas were just flooding in!

We always knew we were going to renovate the home but we ended up REALLY renovating the home TOP to BOTTOM, INSIDE and OUT! (as you will see from the before and after photos)

We are so excited that another family will be making memories in this house that we literally invested so much time and effort into making perfect! It was the PERFECT home for hosting our 100 plus family and friends for all sorts of events and the pool was a god sent when I was pregnant with Amadeo!

You have all requested for this blog post for a long time now, so here it is in all its glory.

12 Scova Cres is officially on the market and here’s the before and after!

Please feel free to share this post with all of your friends and family who are looking for a new home!

The front outside of the home



Thomas did a beautiful stamped concrete patio this May and it completes the front yard! For quotes visit http://www.mystampedconcrete.ca

Inside of the home main floor




Upstairs bedrooms and bathroom



Basement common area, bedroom and bathroom (we also added a laundry room and full bath downstairs)






Again my amazing husband did our backyard stamped concrete patio! Visit http://www.mystamptedconcrete.ca for a free estimate!

Here’s the link to the listing!


Our Beautiful Postpartum Bodies Are Powerful

Our Beautiful Postpartum Bodies Are Powerful, Just Like Us

Our Postpartum bodies, more often then not, tend to be a subject of scrutiny and hatred in society and the media.

Our bodies after pregnancy and birth have been through ALOT like ALOT, ALOT, and it only makes sense that we have physical remanences of that.

I was finding that around 4 months postpartum after being diagnosed with PPD , my self confidence and feelings towards my body was staring to take a turn for the worst.

I wanted to try to take some pro active steps in trying to change that because it was VERY much weighing on me mentally in a very negative way.

I have some things stacked against me at the moment in regards to me working out as most of us do after the physical trauma our bodies can go through after birth, and I’m not cleared to make any drastic changes at the moment.

So I had some choices to make that all basically lead to acceptance and learning to love my body in the state that it is in currently after pregnancy and birth.

I turned and looked to this amazing mama blogger Instagram community that I have had such amazing positive experiences with on so many subjects regarding motherhood and I stumbled upon this amazing woman and mothers account @mrsdingman.mama , Krystin. She inspires me every single day to love my body for what it is, what it’s been able to do, and the beauty in all of that put together.

I started saying daily mantras to my naked body in the mirror:

* My body is healthy

* My body is beautiful

* My body is enough

* My body is strong

* My body has shown me how capable it is

* My bodies loose skin is the reminder of where my son was created

* My body deserves respect

* My body deserves kindness

* My body deserves grace

* I will be patient with my body

Sarah and I from Creations Behind the Lens we’re brainstorming of ways that we could showcase how beautiful a postpartum body truly is and it turned into one of the best days in My motherhood journey as of yet!

We did a photo shoot with a group of AMAZING women from the Ottawa Mom Bloggers group and what the day brought to all of us was a step in the direction of self love and acceptance.

Before the shoot took place we all gave quotes on how we felt before the day started and then how we felt after experiencing the day and seeing the photos from the shoot.

Sarah from @simplysarah

Before the shoot:

” I haven’t been super thrilled about my postpartum body. I saw this opportunity and said F it, I need to do this. I signed up but pushed it out of my head.

The date grew closer and I was procrastinating because the thought of trying to find something “sexy” got me anxious.

After much searching on the last night possible to shop I got an outfit I felt comfortable in.

The day of the shoot came and Vanessa and Sarah were so welcoming and warm. The other ladies I think were feeling the same way as me which I felt comfort in.

We eventually got dressed in our sexy undies and everyone looked amazing. Each woman had such a different body and they were all beautiful. I felt like I fit in rather than stick out like I thought my baby pooch did before.

Not every body is the same and there is beauty in that. I came out of this shoot realizing that the society’s pressure to get back to pre preggo shape is bogus. We just grew humans so why can’t we just be able to celebrate that. ”

After the shoot and Sarah saw her photos:

“My initial thoughts were to break apart all the details in the photos of myself. It’s interesting that most of us did this when looking at the pictures. I think we need to be less critical of ourselves because when you stop looking at all the silly little details the over all view is of beauty and strength. ”

Kaityln from @mrmrandmama

Before the shoot:

“I was so nervous, anxious, & uncomfortable. Worried that I would do all of this, and end up with no good photo of myself because of how insecure I was. Like I wouldn’t be able to relax and smile and have a good time. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I knew I would be more upset with myself if I backed out. I haven’t been happy with my postpartum body in 2 years. It was time to try something and maybe gain some sort of confidence out of this.”

After the shoot and Kaityln saw her photos:

” I was so excited to see the pictures but in the back of mind I already told myself mine wouldn’t be that good. After spending a few times going through them and really looking at why I did this. I fell in love with them more & more. It’s been a long time I’ve felt this confident, especially in my bra & underwear! To top it all off,

I was the last one to get dressed!😂 just didn’t want to change out of something I felt so sexy in! This was the best experience & i am so happy I did it. ”

Laura from @makeitlaura

Before the shoot:

” I was so nervous and unsure about doing this photo shoot. After having 2 kids my body is completely different than it once was, and my confidence has been long gone. It’s hard to come to terms with how you remember yourself and the reality when you look in the mirror. ”

After the shoot and Laura saw her photos:

” I was so surprised seeing the photos. My first reaction was that I don’t look that bad, but then I quickly started analyzing each photo looking at my biggest flaws. I am still struggling feeling a disconnect between my old body and how I look now, but this photoshoot is helping me to realize I am still myself and still beautiful.”

Katie from @mom.shares

Before the shoot:

” I felt nervous and excited! Spending time to get myself ready and do something solely for me filled my heart. After the shoot I felt sexy and beautiful. Well worth it 🥰 ”

After the shoot and Katie saw her photos:

” When I first saw my photos I felt happy with my hair and makeup, but less so for how my body looked, I starred long and hard at all the things I didn’t like, the rolls on my tummy when sitting, the cellulite under my legs… but the longer I starred the more I realized that I just look like everyone else who has a normal human body. I am not 100% there in fully loving myself, but I am closer than before. ”

Bekah from @mama.in.a.mad.house

Before the shoot:

” This shoot was the best thing I have done for myself since becoming a mother. For the first time in almost 5 years I felt beautiful, relaxed. I felt like a woman first and a mother was a part of my identify but not my whole identity!! ”

After the shoot and Bekah saw her photos:

” I had no idea what to expect. I was super excited to see my photos and I thought I looked kinda stiff in my headshot so I was worried I was going to carry that through the other shots too and I was so wrong.

Apparently the more exposed I am the more relaxed I was able to feel and that really surprised me. I love being able to see the confidence and happiness I felt being mostly naked in a room full of women. I never would have expected it and it is so wonderfully empowering! ”

Emily ( currently pregnant with her second child ) from @millenialbossmoms

Before the shoot:

“Anxious + excited. I said yes knowing it was a fantastic opportunity, but the nerves set in when it became real. It was such an awesome experience though, I love knowing that we’re in a time when we don’t have to wear baggy clothes to hide our bodies, and can have an honest conversation about how tough it is to navigate your pregnant and post-partum body”

After the shoot and Emily saw her photos:

” My first reaction going through them was to nit-pick all the ‘flaws’ I found in myself. I was in awe of how gorgeous everyone else looked, but managed to pick apart my faces and poses. We are our own worst critics and in reality every picture turned out beyond amazing, but getting away from critiquing myself took some reminding.”

Vanessa ( me ) @mylittlelmabblog

I was so excited that I was able to get all these Beautiful women together in my home….. I had already done my boudoir shoot with Sarah and knew how amazing everyone would feel and what Sarah would be able to do for us!

I went first and you can tell by my “big smile” that I was in the environment of fun and laughter, so much so we forgot to take more pictures of me after! The experience was so wonderful and definitely added to this body positive journey I’m on!

Sarah ( our photographer ) @ottawaphotographer.creations

This mama is so fearless and gave us the most incredible gift during this shoot!

Let’s all move forward together as women and mothers to go against the grain of society and just love ourselves a little bit more!

We are stronger together in this movement then separate!

Boudoir Shoot

 Boudoir Shoot

Creations Behind The Lens Photography



I absolutely love working with Sarah from Creations Behind The Lens Photography. She has captured some truly special family moments, we’ve collaborated on some fun styled shoots and even a wonderful day of shooting amazingly beautiful local Ottawa mom bloggers in our undies for a postpartum body positivity shoot.

In my journey to have more love of self, confidence and a body positive outlook about my own body after baby, I decided to dive full throttle into doing a boudoir shoot!

I’ve always wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot in the past but my now husband never trusted a random photographer in having photos like that of me, well along came a photographer that I trust not only with the actual content but with taking such vulnerable pictures of me!

This blog post is meant to help inspire women to love their physical selves pre and post baby.

We started the shoot accompanied by a big bottle of champagne to help me let go of any awkwardness and loose my inhabitations. Liquid courage is what I call it, and it did wonders! 

This robe was kindly gifted to me by the super mom behind the Etsy shop, Endless Temptations https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/EndlessTemptations


Cheers to all you wonderful women who carried your children for 9 months and then birthed those suckers! Our bodies have done something crazy and incredible, we should be kind to ourselves and not wait till we “get our bodies back” to feel sexy.


I call this my Cristina Aguilera moment.


What I find truly amazing about how Sarah captured this shoot, is I looked back at all my pictures and I wasn’t staring at a stranger. I was staring at this beautiful, confident, insanely happy woman, that I truly am, and she was able to capture all of that through her lens.


This mug says, Girls Support Girls. If you ever need someone to lean on or let you know how truly wonderfully beautiful you are, I’m your girl!


Dance like no bodies watching and let your happiness shine through.

I’m obsessed with becoming a women who loves and adores her body.



And then we moved upstairs into the bedroom, for those more risqué, sultry photos. The half naked ones that would leave me no where to hide. No robe or comfy sweater to make me feel like a little more comfortable, just me and my raw postpartum body.




Many of you have reached out to me and asked what the most rewarding part of doing this shoot was for me, hands down it was the realization that I couldn’t believe I haven’t felt sexy even just once since I got pregnant and birthed my son, after seeing these photos I cant believe that was ever the case because I now look at these pictures and that’s all I see.

You don’t have to choose being a mother or being sexy, we are complex because we are still our own person with so many different parts and aspects to us. After birth I really felt like the sexy aspect to me had died until this shoot.




To do this pose I pretty much broke my vagina, but it was worth it.

I’m so passionate about sharing all of these raw moments from this shoot because it was truly only possible because of Sarah. She is so talented in having that special quality that just makes you feel comfortable and beautiful and know that her whole intention is to get these photos in your best and most flattering light.



I feel so fortunate to have this platform to share such a positive empowering decision I pushed myself to make and follow through with.




In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act

I can for the first time in a long time finally say, I’m comfortable in my own skin.



Thank you Sarah for all you have given me mind, body and soul from this photoshoot.


Scholar’s Choice Partnership

Scholar’s Choice Partnership


View this post on Instagram

I am SOOOOOO excited to officially announce my partnership with @scholarschoice! ⁣ ⁣ I will basically be doing what I’ve been doing over the past ten years working in the field of education and purchasing for our programs from Scholars Choice, sharing all the products that I loveeeeeee and let you all know why! ⁣ ⁣ I will be writing a blog post in the very near future which will include a corky video from the lovely Emily Webster and I …. see a screen grab above! (she’s my people!) and also include links to videos made by the CEOs of Scholars Choice explaining their mission statement and why they do what they do and how they do it! ⁣ ⁣ I’m now experiencing raising a child from the parental point of view and can relate to how on top of the everyday million stresses of parenthood if you aren’t educated in how to give opportunities for your child to grow and learn it can be VERY overwhelming and you might just not know where to start! That’s why this company is who you should be spending your hard earned money on! They do that leg work for you, and you can confidently go into the stores and ask a employee all about the products and how they will help assist in your child’s development! ⁣ ⁣ I’m always an open book regarding everything Early Childhood Education and I love helping you as a parent feel confident that you are giving your child every opportunity to grow and learn ❤️ Let’s work together to help provide opportunities for our children to achieve their hopes and dreams! ❤️

A post shared by Mylittlelamb (@mylittlelambblog) on

If you’re reading and following what I’m sharing, I hope that by now you have been able to get a pretty good sense of who I am as well as how and why I’m using this platform to connect with you.
I pride myself on being unfiltered, raw, and honest about all that I share with you, and that 100% includes the companies I have chosen to partner with and what products I share and recommend to you.
I have some moral criteria which not only fits what I believe, but was amazing advice from a fellow mom blogger on how and who to work with as a blogger.
1. It has to be a company that I would purchase from with my own money
2. The product has to be something that I’m curious about testing and again would purchase with my own money
3. I have already purchased said product with my own money and I feel passionate about it potentially being of value to your life as well
4. A company and its media marketers have to have the same morals and values as myself and my audience
Scholars Choice checks off all those boxes.
I’ve been working as an educator at the Glebe Parents Daycare for a little over ten years now and Scholars Choice is one of the companies we purchase all of our supplies, toys and educational tools from. Almost all of the products that I intergrate into my programs have been purchased from Scholar’s Choice and are carried by them.
I was gifted some products from my co-workers for Amadeo and when I started posting Amadeo playing with them and how I was implementing them with him at home as parent, I was being bombarded (in only the best of ways through my blog) with questions on where they could be purchased. When I would say Scholar’s Choice almost all of the parents did not even realize you were able to shop there if they were not a teacher or educator. After a while of receiving the same feedback I knew that there was a need for me, as an educator, and being newly apart of this parental club, to connect parents with amazing product, at great price points, from a company whose main interest is having a child reach their true potential through play.
Emily Webster, Scholars Choice Social Media Manager reached out to me after I sent a message expressing interest in being a part of the Ottawa, Barrhaven store’s grand opening. After a couple days of back and forth, a video meeting was scheduled with the marketing director. During the meeting, myself and the team from Scholar’s Choice were able to get a real sense of our intentions behind what exactly it is that drives us to do what we do for children and learning.
I went from being an educator who had been purchasing from Scholar’s Choice as my job and always being extremely satisfied with the products and services, to a parent/mom blogger who was learning about what truly drives this amazing company and employees to bring to parents, teachers and educators the quality in products that they carry in their stores and online for purchase, as well as the intentions behind that.
A lot of what I post from Scholar’s Choice I have purchased on my own and some has now been gifted in this partnership for me to test be able to show you how it can easily be implemented into your family’s routine to help assist in discovery based learning, working on social emotional skills and emotional regulation, gross and fine motor skills, language and vocabulary skills, and so much more.
Click below to watch the video Emily Webster and I filmed while visiting the Ottawa, Barrhaven location. It is definitely not perfect, I have some learning to do on centering both people in the video….


I have had a lot of parents reach out and express that they have recently visited a Scholar’s Choice location to purchase products to help support their child in some way or form. There are so many amazing products for parents to choose from sometimes they feel overwhelmed! I have physically gone into the stores with some of these moms to help them or recommended products online as well. If you are feeling overwhelmed and want to know more about the products in the store please feel more then welcome to reach out to me for questions and help. All things Early Childhood Education and helping a child reach their full potential is honestly my passion and helps me fulfill this need to do so while at home with my son on maternity leave.

I HIGHLY recommend now taking time to view this video of Scholar’s Choice’s mission and vision with the Chief Financial Officer and President, Cindy and Scott Webster. I can’t seem to get through this whole video without tears of joy and thankfulness for these two and the value they are adding to parents, teachers, educators and most importantly children’s lives.

Just to end this post with, I hope you will visit a Scholar’s Choice store, and/or browse their website before purchasing from a big box toy store. Shop from this amazing Canadian, family owned and operated business, who does the leg work of finding the best products and toys for your children and families.
Vanessa Ravalico

My Little Lamb

Mother’s Day Minis

Mother’s Day Minis With Creations Behind The Lens Photography


This year I will be celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time, and I knew that because my intentions are to have Amadeo’s first year captured professionally by Sarah from Creations Behind The Lens Photography, booking her to do a Mother’s Day shoot was a MUST HAVE!

I don’t have a lot of great pictures of me and my son that anyone else has taken other then Sarah, so to have some AMAZING pictures that I can have in an album and printed to frame on the walls of my home mean the world to me and when my son is older he will be able to say, hey my mom did exist!

I HIGHLY recommend booking Sarah to capture any and all moments and milestones that are important to you! She is so reasonable in price and working with her during a shoot is relaxed and she some how with her photographer magic makes you so comfortable and having a good time that she captures you and your family in the best light! Every time I see a finished shoot from Sarah I always see the personality and essence of myself and family through her work!


Sarah still has some spots available to book your own Mother’s Day Minis April 27th & May 4th with rain dates for the Sunday. It’d only $80.00 for an outdoor mini session for 20 minutes and 10 edited images with print release. To book email Sarah at creationsblt@gmail.com


Here are our Mother’s Day Minis















Thank you Sarah for capturing my little boy at this amazing stage of his life and honouring me as a woman and mother.

Sometimes if not all the time as mothers we put ourselves last, but ladies we deserve to put our love and light front and center and have and create memories for our children that reflect these magical moments of their childhood. I’m SO lucky and thankful, for everything that has lead me to my son.






International Children’s Book Day


childrens book day


If you follow My Little Lamb on Instagram (@mylittlelambblog) you already know what Amadeo’s book library looks like! Its enormous! Thanks to all the guests who bought him books instead of cards for our baby shower, hand me downs from his family members, and mommy’s love of Chapters, Home sense, and Value Village, Amadeo basically has an at home library of all of my favourites!

This is not even close to all of them! 

Children’s books in my opinion are magical! They are the perfect time to have a moment with a little one and bring them to another reality, teach them something new, entertain them and grow those brain cells!

I have taken many courses on how to read to children of all ages, as well as how to choose appropriate books for all ages. I always say when it comes to anything child development there is always an exception to the rule and that being, every child is unique so some children will fall out of those guidelines. The easiest way to tell if a book is appropriate for your child, is to notice how engaged they are. If they have no interest in what you are reading them it may be because it not advanced enough to hold their interest or too advanced so they just tune it out. Also picking the right time to read can be important to how engaged a child will be. In daycare we use stories during circle time usually to start or end to help get everyone on the same page and to be ready to engage with the educators. We use stories during transitions, before lunch, during toileting, near the end of the day etc. At home with your children I would recommend maybe waking up with reading a story or two in your jammies before you get your butts in gear with the regular routines of the day to day, when they get home from school with a snack ( older children can independent read if they’d like) and before bed.



Going to the book stores, thrift stores and libraries with your children so they can have an opportunity to pick their own books of interest is also suggested for the best outcome for engagement. Also who doesn’t love a place with BOOKS!

When looking at a book in hand think and asses with this criteria for if it will be age appropriate for your child…..

  • Stories that have an intriguing plot and an interesting setting.
  • Themes that would appeal specifically to your child.
  • Language that is rich and evocative. Reading level and vocabulary that are age appropriate.
  • Intriguing and believable characters.
  • Readability. Try reading a bit of the text aloud. Does the language flow ?

When looking at a book in hand think and asses with this criteria for illustration and art….

  • Illustrations that breathe life into the text.
  • Art that will promote a love of beauty.
  • Illustrations that are synchronized with the text and appear with the part of the text they are meant to illustrate.
  • The medium the artist has chosen, and its appropriateness to the story it illustrates.
  • Look at the overall design of the book, including cover, size and typeface. For example, picture books should have bold, readable text and a shape that is welcoming to young hands.


These are some of my favourite books to read and recommendations for ages 1-5

Age 1:

  • Board books, so they can independently play and hold them without running their books.
  • Books with rhyme and song.
  • Books with little words , lots of interesting pictures and fun story line.



Age 2:

  • Still incorporate some board books but with more words and a story line. The Dr. Seuss Early Reader board books are AMAZING!
  • Finding books that they can start relating to, they understand they have a mom and dad, they are learning and starting to recognize emotions, animals, the world around them, so find books that include these things.
  • Find books with some simple light hearted humor that they will be able to understand and find funny.


Age 3:

  • Start to add book with more wording and a bit more complex story lines, still that they can relate to or follow, you will be able to tell again by their attention span to the story. ( this is an amazing reason why taking out library books before you invest is so smart!)
  • Start introducing books that touch on their feelings and helping them be able to self regulate their emotions. When they read stories about this it stored into a different compartment of their brains and they can retain and use it easier. ABC mindful me is an amazing book for this, I’m in LOVE with it , the messages and the illustrations are beautiful!
  • Start introducing the concepts of opposites at this age, books can help have a visual of this and listening to you read. ie, Eric Carle’s day and night, and land and simple. They are simply laid out so they can start understanding these concept’s.
  • Around this age is the P word, POTTY TRAINING , and books can be a great assistant for those long waiting times on the toilet in the early days. Potty Power is the best book and the story lines obviously is made to fir perfectly with potty training a toddler. Simple concepts and AMAZING illustrations.
  • Make these kids laugh! The Mo Williams series are my preschool groups FAVOURITE books to read! There aren’t a lot of words but the humor is to die for, even you will appreciate the silliness of these books. Tip: Costco has been selling these for really great prices as of late!



Age 4:

  • Find books with now more words and complicated story lines as the age before. At four years old they are able to relate and understand most concepts of the world around them, so now it your opportunity to incorporate that to the literature you read together.
  • Humor will always be a great choice, Walter the farting dog is AMAZING and any four year old will love it.
  • Introduce more complex books about understanding their feelings and emotions. Today I feel silly is such a wonderful book to help assist that understanding and exposure for this age group.
  • Look and finds, start off with simpler versions like this one shown below, they will keep your children entertained and they are a good option to have out while you want to encourage independent reading.
  • Introduce more complex opposites and the same but different concepts. The book Llama phones is so fun and inside they show the different meaning of the same word. ie Fairy and ferry.



Age 5:

  • By age 5 you should be able to have books with much more words and a longer story time. Buying the 5 minute stories are great for this age.
  • I spy books are a big hit at this age and the excitement after finding the items is so fun, I don’t know if you remember but these books are hard!
  • The books below are some of my favourites to read to my kinders!


Early exposure to Literature is so important for language development and reading skills in the later years. If you help them grow their love of reading once they go up in grades the reading and learning aspect wont be as torturous!

My FAVOURITE bonding time with my son is already the times I read to him. Its worked into different times in the day and always in our nap and bed time routines.

Happy Reading everyone!

The Mid Century Modern Nursery Of My Dreams



I’m a interior decorating buff! I’ve always found so much joy researching the latest trends in interior design and decorating and have had such magazine subscriptions since I was 16 years old! There’s just something about different colours, textures and patterns strategically placed in a neutral modern mid century ( with a couple touches of traditional flare) room that screams luxury and elegance to me.

Wayyyy before I was even pregnant or even trying to become pregnant I had a Pinterest board dedicated for nursery room ideas and inspiration. I knew no matter what gender I would be having any room that I would do would be beautiful for both. There was poufs or truck decals going on the walls of my child’s nursery.

I also love the idea of having the base staples of a room be neutral and classic so to change the enter room décor and feel becomes, easy and inexpensive. I also knew that I wanted pieces of furniture that would complement many different stages of my child’s life so that again it would be easy to re decorate to fit a more mature style as they grow.

I absolutely fell in love with the mid century modern monochrome vibe. I liked that it was versatile and I would be able to change different décor accents and the theme very easily to compliment this style of design.

Here is Amadeo’s Mid Century Modern nursery with links of items below.

(none are affiliate links)

Baby Letto is a premier children’s furniture brand and I fell in LOVE with this set. It was a long and hard journey to finally purchase this set but SO worth it! we also bought the conversion kit so it turns into a toddler bed, day bed and then a full size bed. 



I buy a lot of my home décor accessories from either Homesense, Marshalls or Winners for a few reasons. They are so affordable, great quality but if anything is wrong or doesn’t fit your style you can return items with no headaches or hassle, the hunt for the perfect item is such a thrill!

All white fux fur rugs, the cross blanket and pillows as well as the change pad and diaper caddy were all from purchased Homesense.

These picture frames were purchased from wayfair.ca and the prints from crown prints from etsy.com



We were gifted the grey laundry basket as well as the bubula diaper pale off of our registry from buybuybabay.ca and the grey cart which I get asked about so often is from ikea! The turquoise mirrors were purchased from wayfair.ca.


https://www.bedbathandbeyond.ca/store/product/bubula-diaper-pail/3335684?keyword=diaper-pail   ( this diaper pail is AMAZING and it fits the white kitchen garbage bags from Costco so its a very inexpensive re filling system!)


The grey house bookshelf is a homesense find and the white shelves are from ikea. I finally found a Eiffel Chair with a walnut base on wayfair.ca. The grey desk is custom made with our custom made cabinets. 


I needed to include these ADORABLE jelly cats because I always get so many questions on where I buy these funky versions! I go to Dreamweaver, they always carry the best selection of jelly cats and have way more options then just those perfect little bunnies. Also these beautiful rope baskets I found in the Easter section of Walmart and I removed the handles.



this GORGEOUS rug is from wayfair.ca ( have you seen a pattern yet of how much I love purchasing home décor off of wayfair.ca its because the selection and prices are unbeatable, you can find so many different price points and brands! We’ve been extremely happy with the return policy as well and have returned and exchanged items that didn’t fit in our spaces.) 


Amadeo’s Library! A lot of these books were gifted at our baby shower in lu of cards. Our guests wrote inside the books for Amadeo to one day read. Also a lot of books have come from family members hand-me-downs! He’s so lucky! The bookshelf is from ikea.ca. The Lion ready chair is a Homesense find as well as the reading light. The Melissa and Doug giraffe I found on a second hand selling site but I will link the new product below. The grey rocking chair and zebra wall art is from wayfair.ca 




We are selling this home come the spring and moving into our new build the end of August and I will be turning Amadeo’s bedroom into a Boho Llama bedroom that will play of a lot of pieces that are in his nursery at the moment. All of the other animals will be moved to decorate the playroom on the main floor.

Here is the inspiration board for his new room.

Amadeo's Boho Llama Nursery